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Here's who I am & what I do


I've always loved crystals and first started collecting tumble stones as a teenager, but it wasn’t until my mid 30's when going through an incredibly difficult time that I started to study the benefits of these natural creations.

I began to learn more about the origins and the healing powers of crystals, and learnt that through their metaphysical properties, many people around the world had benefited through either wearing a particular crystal as jewellery or having a larger ornamental piece in their home; this is when I really started to build my own collection!

I found that these beautiful creations were assisting me on my journey of healing and self-discovery, so in 2020, decided to share my knowledge and love for crystals and Crystal Moon was born!

Since working with crystals, my intuition has increased and I'm often told that the crystals I've gifted or chosen for customers have been just what the person needs, so I'm confident I can find you the right pieces to assist you with on your journey.

I'm always expanding my knowledge and currently training in Crystal Healing.

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